Gibson Chapel at Tamassee School
Tamassee DAR School in Tamassee, South Carolina, was founded by the DAR in 1919.






Asbury Station Chapter

Martha Dixon was appointed organizing regent on April 29, 1981, by the National Board of Management. Asbury Station Chapter, NSDAR, was organized on February 5, 1982. After many months of diligent exploration, prospective members were found and preliminary meetings started in September at the Cary Public Library. The following ladies were the organizing members:

  • Helen Jordan Bourke
  • Martha Lehman Dixon
  • Corinne Lambeth Edmundson
  • Evelyn Totton Goodmon
  • Virginia Brown Ingram
  • Mary Esther Ivey
  • Irene Olive Kittinger
  • Marjorie Jordan Mathews
  • Carla Jordan Michaels
  • Anna LaPage Neese
  • Edythe Nance Perry
  • Catherine Pinckney Williams
  • Terrine Holleman Woodlief
  • Phyllis Schutte Wurst
  • Jane King Yelvington
  • Doris Finch Zacny


Asbury Chapel and Asbury Train Station

The Asbury Station Chapter was named for an early train station in the vicinity of Asbury Chapel located about two miles east of Cary, North Carolina.

Asbury Chapel was named for Bishop Francis Asbury, a Methodist minister, born 1745 in England and died 1816 in Virginia. Bishop Asbury moved to America in 1771, where he remained for the rest of his life — even during the tumultuous period of the American Revolution. In 1780 Bishop Asbury visited the home of Magistrate Tingnal Jones who lived in the Morrisville area. Asbury Chapel was founded about 1844. In 1850 with new members joining from declining locations, it was decided to form Asbury Chapel on the Chapel Hill Road outside of Cary.

In 1867, for a short time, Asbury Station was a train stop along Chapel Hill Road between Morrisville and Raleigh. Asbury Station and Asbury Chapel no longer exist, but the community is still called Asbury and the name can be found on some county road maps.

Outreach Activities

  • Constitution Week, September 17-23
  • DAR Good Citizens program and Scholarship Contest
  • JROTC certificate awarded at local high schools
  • Support of Tamassee School
  • Veterans Hospital
  • Project Patriot
  • Memorial Day Ceremony at Hillcrest Cemetery
  • Genealogy Workshops
  • Preservation of local historic sites
  • Chapter Scholarship Fund

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