Abbreviations for
Patriot Service Ranks

BGen.—Brigadier General
CS—Civil Service
LCol.—Lieutenant Colonel
MGEN— Major General
PS—Patriot Service
StaffOf.—Staff Officer

Chapter Patriots

Listed below are names, ranks, and state of service for ancestors of the members of the Caswell‐Nash Chapter, NSDAR. This list includes Patriots who supported the cause for American independence. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of record copy.)

  • John Mcknitt Alexander; Capt., CS, PS; N.C.
  • Edward Allman; Pvt.; N.C.
  • William Alston; LCol., PS; N.C.
  • Levin Ames; Smn.; Va.
  • William Andrews; CS, N.C.
  • Samuel Arnold, PS, N.C.
  • James Auld; Maj., PS; N.C.
  • William Avery; PS; N.C.
  • Jesse Aycock; PS; N.C.
  • William Ballard; Cpl., PS; Va.
  • John Barnwell; BGen., PS; S.C.
  • Roger Barton; Pvt.; Va.
  • Richard Bass; PS; N.C.
  • Benjamin Beadle; Pvt.; Conn.
  • Malachi Bell; Col., CS, PS; N.C.
  • John Berrien Jr.; Capt.; Ga., N.C.
  • Robert Blair; Pvt.; N.J.
  • Joseph Blanchard; Pvt.; N.H.
  • Richard Bland; PS; Va.
  • Johann Christian Bodenhamer; PS; N.C.
  • Anne Bolling; PS; Va.
  • Abraham Bolt; Pvt.; Va., S.C.
  • John Bonnett; CS; Pa.
  • Jean Louis Alexandre Breard; Of.; France
  • John Brent; Maj., PS; Va.
  • Michael Brown; PS; Pa.
  • Jesse Bunn; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Daniel Burkhart; Capt.; Md.
  • David Burleson; PS; N.C.
  • Solomon Burroughs; Pvt.; N.C., S.C.
  • William Calhoun; Pvt., CS, PS; S.C.
  • Richard Caswell; MGEN, CS, PS; N.C.
  • Jasper Cather; Sol.; Va.
  • Charles Cherry; Sol.; N.C.
  • James Clark; Lt.; S.C.
  • Vachel Clark; PS; N.C.
  • Robert Cleveland; Capt.; N.C.
  • Elisha Collins; Cpl.; Mass.
  • John Colwell, Pvt., N.C.
  • John Cook, Pvt., Va.
  • Hugh Corwin, PS, N.C.
  • William Cromartie; Pvt., PS; N.C.
  • Major Croom; CS, PS; N.C.
  • Robert Culbertson; Pvt.; N.C.
  • James Madison Davenport; Pvt.; Va.
  • John Day; Ens., PS; Va.
  • Samuel Day; Ens.; Mass.
  • Augustine Deshon; PS; N.C.
  • Simon Dixon; PS; N.C.
  • Daniel Donnell; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Edward Eanes; Pvt.; Va.
  • Thomas East; PS; Va.
  • John Ellington Jr.; PS; Va.
  • Andrew Englis; Capt.; Mass.
  • John Ewell; CS, PS; Mass.
  • Henry Felder Sr.; Capt., CS, PS; S.C.
  • Samuel Frazier; PS; N.C.
  • William Gainer; Pvt.; Va.
  • Ezekiel E. Gaskins; PS; S.C.
  • Henry Gay; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Thomas Gibson; Lt., PS; N.C.
  • Preston Goforth; Pvt.; N.C.
  • William Goldston; Capt.; N.C.
  • Edward Goode; Lt.; Va.
  • Jesse Goodrich; Pvt.; Mass.
  • William Goodwin; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Alexander Grady; PS; N.C.
  • James Greenlee; Sol., PS; N.C.
  • Starling Gunn; Pvt.; Va.
  • Benjamin Hardy; PS; N.C.
  • Lemuel Hardy; PS; N.C.
  • John Nicholas Hedrick; Ens.; Pa.
  • Benjamin Herndon; Capt., CS, PS; N.C.
  • Benjamin Hider; PS; N.C.
  • Michael Hider; PS; N.C.
  • Joshua Hinds; PS; Va.
  • John Hinton Jr.; Maj., CS; N.C.
  • Matthias Hoffer; Pvt., PS; Pa.
  • Frederick Hoke; Pvt.; N.Y.
  • Matthew Holding; PS; N.C.
  • Robert Hopkins; PS; Pa.
  • Moses Hovey; Cpl., PS; Mass.
  • Peter Hubbell; Pvt.; Conn.
  • John Hunt; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Thomas Huntley; PS; N.C.
  • James Johnston; Pvt., PS; Va.
  • William Jones; Pvt.; Del.
  • John Jordan; PS; N.C.
  • John Justice; Pvt.; Del.
  • Levi Keeler; Pvt.; Conn.
  • John Keeley; Pvt.; Pa.
  • Ebenezer Kilbourn; Capt., PS; N.H.
  • John Kirk; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Obadiah Kitchell; Capt.; N.J.
  • Sebastian Bostian Kline; PS; N.C.
  • James Lanier; CS, PS; N.C.
  • Hugh Lavender; Pvt.; S.C.
  • Asa Leonard; Pvt.; Conn.
  • James Lester; PS; S.C.
  • Marcus Likens; CS, PS; Va.
  • William Lindsey; Maj.; Va.
  • Jacob Lineberry; PS; N.C.
  • Jonas Lipe; Pvt.; N.C.
  • John Lipford; Pvt.; Va.
  • Nathaniel Macon; PS; N.C.
  • John Maddox; Pvt.; Va.
  • Isaac Meadows; PS; N.C.
  • John Minnis; Sgt., PS; N.C.
  • David Mitchell; CS; N.C.
  • Edward Mitchell; StaffOf.; Va.
  • James Mitchell; CS; N.C.
  • George Moffatt; Col., CS; Va.
  • Elijah Morgan; Lt.; Del.
  • Nathan Morgan; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Perminter Morgan; PS; N.C.
  • Reuben Morse; PS; N.C.
  • Joseph Moseley; Pvt.; Va.
  • Anthony Mullins; Pvt.; Va.
  • Archibald Murphy; LCol., CS, PS; N.C.
  • John Nees; Pvt.; Va.
  • Nathaniel Northrop; Pvt.; Conn.
  • John Norwood; Capt.; S.C.
  • Daniel O'Daniel; Sol., PS; Pa.
  • Aaron Osgood; Capt.; Mass.
  • Hector Paine; Cpl.; Pa.
  • John Parrott; Pvt., PS; N.C.
  • Joseph Parsons; Capt.; N.C.
  • John Patterson; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Robert Peebles; Pvt.; Mass.
  • John Peele; Sol.; Ga.
  • Robert Peele; PS; N.C.
  • Peleg Pendleton; Lt., PS; R.I.
  • Abram Penn; Col.; Va.
  • David Perryman; Ens.; Va.
  • Hugh Phillips; Pvt.; N.J.
  • Andrew Pickens; BGen.; S.C.
  • Asa Plimpton; Pvt.; Mass.
  • John Polk; Sol., CS; N.C.
  • Peyton Powell; Lt., PS; Va.
  • George Purvis; PS; Va.
  • Alexander Reed; Pvt., PS; Md.
  • George Reed; PS; Va.
  • George Reeves; Lt., PS; Va.
  • Henry Rhodes; LCol., PS; N.C.
  • Bailey Rice; Pvt.; Va.
  • Robert Ricketts; Pvt.; Pa.
  • Cato Riddell; PS; N.C.
  • Edward Rippey; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Thomas Roane; Col., CS, PS; Va.
  • Arthur Robbins; CS; N.C.
  • John Roberts; CS; S.C.
  • Henry Robertson; Pvt., PS; N.C.
  • William Rowland; Sol.; N.C.
  • Philip Rudisill Sr.; PS; N.C.
  • William Rush; PS; N.C.
  • Strong Sanford; Sgt.; Conn.
  • Samuel Scarborough; Pvt.; Va.
  • Peter Shanholtzer; Sol.; Pa.
  • John Sharp; PS; N.C.
  • John Simpers; PS; Md.
  • James Simpson; Cpl.; Md.
  • Daniel Sinclair; Noncom; Pa.
  • Benjamin Smith; Pvt.; N.C.
  • James Soyars; Cpl.; Va.
  • Matthias Steelman; PS; N.C.
  • Lawrence Smith Stubbs; PS; Va.
  • James Sturtevant; Pvt.; Mass.
  • Richard Talbot; Lt.; Md.
  • Philip Thomas; Cpl.; Md.
  • David Thompson; Sol.; Va.
  • Bernard Todd; Capt., PS; Va.
  • William Townsend; Sol.; N.C.
  • Charles Turner; Pvt.; Md.
  • John Tyler; Pvt.; Conn.
  • Nicholas Tyner; Cpl.; N.C.
  • Nathan Upchurch; Pvt.; N.C.
  • Edward Van Der Veer; Pvt.; S.C.
  • Lawrence Van Hook; CS, PS; N.C.
  • David Weaver; Sol.; Va.
  • Joseph White; Pvt.; Va.
  • William Wilder; PS; N.C.
  • George Williams; Noncom; N.C.
  • William Wilson; Pvt., PS; Mass.
  • Elisha Withers; Pvt., PS; N.C.
  • Henry Wolcott; PS; Conn.
  • George Wolfe Jr.; Pvt.; Pa.
  • John Wooten; Pvt., PS; N.C.
  • William Wyatt; Sol., PS; Va.
  • John Yarborough; PS; N.C.
  • Henry Yoho; Pvt., PS; Va.

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