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Abbreviations for
patriot service ranks

CS—Civil Service
PS—Patriotic Service

Polk Grave
Colonel William Polk’s
Grave in City Cemetery
Raleigh, North Carolina
Photo Courtesy Find A Grave
Public Domain

Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are states of service, names, and ranks for ancestors of the Colonel Polk Chapter members. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of record copy.)


  • John Beckwith, LT, QM
  • Hezekiah Carpenter, PVT
  • Samuel Filer, PVT
  • James Gould, PS
  • Phineas Sheldon, CS, PS
  • Phineas Strong, PVT
  • Nathaniel Wells, PVT


  • Ebenezer Snow, PVT


  • Thomas Marston Green, PVT, CS


  • Nathan Brittingham, PS
  • Frederick Cristman, Sr., PS
  • Basil Gaither, CAPT, PS


  • Joseph Bardwell, Sr., PVT, PS
  • Joseph Bridgman, SOL
  • Jabez Nye, SGT
  • Phineas Smith, Jr., SOL, PS
  • Phineas Smith, Sr., SOL, PS
  • Asaph Stebbins, PS
  • James Warren, PVT

New Hampshire

  • Joseph Wilkins, PVT

New Jersey

  • Daniel Bray, CAPT
  • John Ely, PS
  • William Hopkins, SOL

New York

  • Joseph Reynolds, CAPT

North Carolina

  • Anthony Alexander, PVT
  • George Anderson, PVT
  • John Ashcraft, PS
  • Elisha Battle, PS, CS
  • Mercy Raymond Bedford, PS
  • Elias Bost, PS
  • Samuel Bryson, PVT
  • Elisha Dyer, PVT
  • John Earle, CAPT, PS
  • John Fort, PS
  • George Glascock, PS
  • James Glenn, PVT
  • Joseph Green, PS, CAPT
  • Obadiah Green, PS
  • James Gregory, PS
  • James Hancock, PS
  • John Harris, CAPT
  • Robert Hill, PVT
  • George Hovis, PS
  • David Justice, PVT
  • William Kornegay, SOL
  • James Martin, CAPT
  • Alexander McAllister, COL, PS
  • James McDaniel, LT
  • James McNatt, LT
  • Alexander Mebane, Sr, CS
  • Samuel Merrill, PS
  • Samuel Midyett, CS
  • Robert Joel Moseley, PS
  • John Ogburne, PS
  • Matthew Osborn, PS
  • Benjamin Page, CPL
  • Howell Parker, SOL
  • Henry Parish, PVT
  • John Perry, SOL
  • Dempsey Powell, CS, PS
  • John Pullen, PS
  • John Ramsay, CS, PS
  • John Rice, LT
  • Edward Richardson, PS
  • Samuel Smith, Sr., PS
  • Adam Spach, Sr., PS
  • Thomas Tart, PVT
  • Jeptha Terrell, PS
  • John Terrell, PS
  • Solomon Terrell, PS
  • Nicholas Tyner, CPL
  • William Walton, CS
  • Shadrach Wooten, PS


  • John Bowser, PVT
  • Adam Brunthaver, PVT
  • Emmor Jefferis, PVT
  • Andrew Swearingen, CAPT

Rhode Island

  • Samuel Wall, MAJ, PS

South Carolina

  • Jesse Bethea, SOL, PS
  • Thomas Burke, PVT
  • Simmons Keating, MAJ, PS
  • William McKelvey, PVT, CAV


  • Henry Aylor, PS
  • John Bailey, CAPT
  • Jarret Bolling, PVT
  • Lewis Burwell, PS, COL
  • Mitchell Clay, SOL, PS
  • Richard Connor PS
  • Francis Cowherd, CPT
  • Robert Desha, PVT
  • Thomas Gregory, PVT
  • Ishmael Harwell, PS
  • Mark Harwell, PS
  • Thomas Hardaway, PS
  • Mark Harwell, PS
  • Calder Haymond, PS
  • Samuel Luck, PS
  • John Maddox, PVT
  • John Melton, PVT
  • Frederick Ray, PVT
  • George Reeves, LT PS
  • Henry Roush, PVT PS
  • Jacob Sounder, PVT
  • Francis Turner, PS
  • John Webster, PVT

Please note that this list of patriots does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of a record copy.

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