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Abbreviations for
patriot service ranks

BGEN—Brigadier General
CS—Civil Service
LCOL—Lieutenant Colonel
PS—Patriot Service

Chapter Patriots

Listed below are names, ranks, and state of service for ancestors of the Edenton Tea Party members. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of a record copy.)

  • John Alderman, SOL, NC
  • Robert Allison, LT/PS, SC
  • John Atkinson, PVT, NC
  • Adam Bahn , LT/PS, PA
  • Abraham Barnett, CS, NC
  • William Baskin, CAPT/PS, SC
  • Nathan Bateman, PS, NC
  • Macajah Blanchard, SOL, NC
  • Zachariah Blankenbeckler, PVT/PS, VA
  • Michael Blessing, PVT, PA
  • Charles Blount, LCOL/PS, NC
  • Daniel Bordeaux, PS, SC
  • John Brent, MAJ/PS, VA
  • John Brinkley, PS, NC
  • Hawkins Bullock, PVT, SC
  • John Busey, SGT, MD
  • Robert Butler, MAJ/PS, NC
  • Joel Campbell, CS/PS, VA
  • Godfrey Carriger, PS, NC
  • John Colwell, PVT, NC
  • Cornelius Covenhoven, PVT, NJ
  • John Cox, CAPT/CS/PS, VA
  • William Cray, COL/PS, NC
  • Michael Cregar, CS, VA
  • Micajah Crenshaw, SOL, SC
  • Henry Crutchfield, PS, NC
  • Thomas Decker, PVT, MA
  • Robert Denny, LT, VA
  • Charles Denslow, PVT, MA
  • Joseph Dicken, PS, NC
  • Samuel Dishman, PS, VA
  • Thomas Edwards, COL/CS, PA
  • Ephriam Elliott, PS, NC
  • Shadrack Felton, SOL, NC
  • William Ferebee, CS/PS, NC
  • Robert Flippen, PVT, VA
  • Jesse Fooks, SOL/PS, MD
  • William Fooks, PVT, MD
  • Preston Goforth, PVT, NC
  • Peter Goodman, PS, PA
  • Alexander Grady, PS, NC
  • Joseph Graham, MAJ, NC
  • William Griffith, SOL, PA
  • James Hanna, CS, SC
  • John Harbaugh, CS/PS, PA
  • Elisha Harrell, PS, NC
  • John Harris, SGT, NC
  • Charles Haymond, SOL, MD
  • Thomas Heath, PS, NC
  • Conrad Hite, PVT, PA
  • Moses Hobbs, PVT, NC
  • James Holley, PS, NC
  • Henry Hollingsworth, PVT, NC
  • Benjamin Johnson, SOL, MD
  • Daniel Jones, CAPT, VA
  • Robert Kay, PS, VA
  • James Kutz, LT, NC
  • Robert Laird, PVT, NJ
  • Benjamin Latimer, PVT, MD
  • Frederick Leasure, PV/PS, PA
  • John Lester, PVT, VA
  • Valentine Libhart, PVT/PS, PA
  • Edmund Matthews, CS/PS, NC
  • James Mcmaster, PS, NC
  • David Meriwether, LT, VA
  • Robert Merritt, CAPT, NC
  • Jonathan Miller, PS, NC
  • Jeremiah Miller, Jr., PS, NY
  • James Monk, PVT, NC
  • Robert Moseley, Jr., LT, PA
  • Isaac Newton, PS, NC
  • Reuben Norfleet, PS, NC
  • Adrian Onderdonk, PVT, NY
  • Benjamin Ormond, CS/PS, NC
  • Abraham Osborn, LT/PS, NJ
  • John Owens, PVT, PA
  • John Postlethwaite, PVT PS, PA
  • John Purdy, PVT, MD
  • Thomas Ray, PS, NC
  • Samuel Raynor, CS/PS, NC
  • Frederic Ream, PVT/PS, VA
  • George Reed, COL/CS/PS, SC
  • Cato Riddell, PS, NC
  • Daniel Robbins, PVT/PS, CT/NY
  • William Robinson, PVT/PS, NC
  • Samuel Robinson, LCOL/CS/PS, VT
  • Nathaniel Saunders, MUS, SC/NC
  • Mathew Scott, ENS/CS, VA
  • William Settle, CAPT, VA
  • Joseph Shearin, CS, NC
  • Charles Simmons, PVT, VA
  • William Skelton, PVT, VA
  • Catherine Smith, PS, PA
  • George Taylor, LT, VA
  • Robert Tripp, CS/PS, NC
  • Charles Tull, PVT, NC
  • Edward Vail, BGEN/PS, NC
  • William Walker, Jr., SGT, VA
  • Thomas Walker, PVT, NC
  • James Ware, LT, VA
  • James Ware, SGT, CT
  • David Welch, SOL, NC
  • John Wiley, PVT, NJ
  • Joseph Williams, PVT, NC

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