Abbreviations for
Patriot Service Ranks

CS—Civil Service
PS—Patriotic Service
Note: An “X” is used when part of a name is unknown or not proven.  

Photo Courtesy Jimmy Haire Photography

Chapter Patriots

Listed by state of service are the names and ranks for the ancestors of the Joseph Kerner Chapter NSDAR members. This list includes Patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of record copy.)


  • Solomon Lee, PS
  • Perrin Ross, LT


  • Joseph Piatt, PVT


  • John Mills, CAPT
  • Alice X Orrell, PS


  • Joshua Crockett, LT
  • Ebenezer Gardner, PVT
  • Elijah Luce, CDR
  • Solomon Pierce, LT
  • Jeremiah Fogg Thoits, LT

New Hampshire

  • Jedediah Wellman, PS

New Jersey

  • Bethuel Farrand, LT

North Carolina

  • Roger Badgett, PS
  • Solomon Burroughs, PVT
  • John Crouse, CAPT
  • John Dixon, PVT
  • Barnett Idol, PS
  • John Koons, PVT
  • Bartholomew Marion, PVT
  • Abraham Reese, PS
  • Solomon Stevenson, Sr., SOL
  • Jacob Utley, CS, PS
  • Henry Wood, PVT


  • Conrad Sherman, CAPT

South Carolina

  • John Bethea, PS
  • Solomon Burroughs, PVT
  • John Nesbitt, PVT, PS


  • James Allen, PVT, CS
  • James Ellison, Jr., SOL, PS
  • John Green, COL
  • Lewis Hancock, PS
  • Enoch Osborn, CAPT, CS
  • Joseph Piatt, PVT
  • Henry Walton, CAPT, CS

Field of Honor photo
Photo Courtesy Forsyth County Parks & Recreation at Triad Park
The Carolina Field of Honor is a symbol of historical fact that our community has the highest respect and honor to our veterans.


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