Abbreviations for
patriot service ranks

BGEN — Brigadier Gen
CAPT — Captain
CS — Civil Service
COL — Colonel
CPL — Corporal
ENS — Ensign
LT — Lieutenant
1LT — First Lieutenant
2LT — Second Lieutenant
LCOL — Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ — Major
NCO — Non-commissioned
PS — Patriot Service
PVT — Private
SGT — Sergeant
SDI — Signer of
 of Independence
SOL — Soldier

Chapter Patriots

We are proud to honor the Liberty Hall Chapter ancestors who rendered civil, patriotic, and/or military service in the American War for Independence. Listed below are states of service followed by names and ranks.


  • Ingham, Ebenezer, PVT
  • Wardwell, William, PVT


  • Moore, Joseph, SOL


  • Bowers, Frederick, PS
  • Bruff, James, CAPT


  • Briggs, Rev. Ephraim, PS
  • Clement, Samuel, 1LT
  • Dunbar, Peter, 2LT
  • Kimball, Noah Brooks, CS/PVT
  • Webber, Ebenezer, CAPT
  • Winch, Joseph, CAPT

New Hampshire

  • Ashley, Samuel Sr., COL/CS/PS

New Jersey

  • Neal, Daniel, CAPT

New York

  • Bartholomew, Theobald, PVT

North Carolina

  • Aborn, John, COL
  • Alexander, Hezekiah, PS
  • Brown, Joseph Jr., PVT
  • Croom, Major, CS/PS
  • Dellinger, Henry, PS/SOL
  • Dellinger, John, CAPT/PS
  • Hoyle, John, CS/ENS/PS
  • Kirkpatrick, John, CS
  • Park, Charles, CS
  • Siler, Plikar, PS
  • Taylor, Richard, CAPT

Rhode Island

  • Wilkinson, Stephen, PVT

South Carolina

  • Burris, William, SOL
  • Crawford, Robert, MAJ/PS
  • Huger, John, PS
  • King, Charles, CAPT/PS
  • Love, William, LT/PS
  • Reed, Joseph, LT


  • Bolt, Abraham, PVT
  • Clark, Matthew, PVT
  • Farrar, William, CS
  • Gaines, Thomas, CPL
  • Holtzclaw, Catherine James, PS
  • Hottel, George, PS
  • Hough, John, PVT
  • Painter, Adam, PVT
  • Quinn, Benjamin, PVT
  • Taylor, William, CS
  • Watson, Drury, LT


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