Abbreviations for
Patriot Service Ranks

CS—Civil Service
LT COL—Lieutenant Colonel
MINMAN—Minute Man
PS—Patriot Service

Photo Courtesy of Chapter Archives

Our Patriot Ancestors

We honour our Patriot ancestors who were instrumental in fighting for our country. The ancestors of the Piedmont Patriots Chapter NSDAR are proudly listed below by state of service and rank.

Direct lineage must be proven to join DAR.
Please note that patriot names listed below do not serve as proof of lineage.


  • Samuel Harmon, Jr., MINMAN
  • Josiah Lyons, PVT
  • James Robinson, CAPT
  • Asaph Trumball, CAPT


  • George Prall, SOL
  • Robert Quarterman, SOL


  • Wells Chase, Sr., LT
  • Bartlett Hinds, CAPT

North Carolina

  • Archibald Davis, NCO
  • Ebenezer Fain, PVT
  • Johann Philip Gruss, SOL
  • Fredrick Hambright, CS, LT COL, PS
  • Charles Crawford Lewis, SGT
  • William Moore, Jr., PVT
  • Robert Patton, CAPT
  • Joseph Williams, PVT
  • William White, PS

New Jersey

  • George Prall, PVT
  • Jedediah Mills, PS
  • Milbea Musselwhite, PVT

New York

  • Absalam Carey, PS, SOL
  • Asa Hall, PVT


  • Robert Beer, ENS
  • Conrad Eisenhard, PS
  • George Eisenhard, PVT
  • Daniel Forrey, PS, PVT
  • Christian Hamme, PVT
  • Abraham Longenecker, PVT
  • James Means, ENS
  • Archibald Roane, PVT
  • Christian Rohrbach, PVT
  • Bernhardt Ziegler, CS, PVT
  • Kilian Ziegler, PVT

South Carolina

  • James Bigger, SOL
  • Rebecca Parks Caldwell, PS
  • Andrew Feasier, PS
  • Henry Felder, Sr., CAPT, CS, PS
  • Henry Pitts, SGT


  • Edward Carter, PS
  • Spencer Clack, LT, PS
  • Samuel Howard, PVT
  • Charles Kemper, ENS
  • William Morris, PS
  • Claiborne Rockwell, PS
  • Edward Tatum, LT, PS

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