Row 1 photo

        Amy Tillery    Charlotte Layton    Shirley Chafee                    Elizabeth Graham    Fran McCandless      Deborah Beach
Past Registrar                Chaplain               Second Vice Regent                              State Regent                          Regent                      First Vice Regent


Row 2 photo

                                        Rhonda Bentz                                                Gene Jones                                                       Kathy Fair
                                        Historian                                                 Parliamentarian (Appointed)                                                   Librarian


Row 3 photo

                                   Joan Evangelista                                                       Jane Thomas                                                  Marie Harrill
                                Recording Secretary                                                         Advisor (Appointed)                                                           Treasurer


Row 4 photo

                                      Brenda Keys                                    Debra Owens
                                   Corresponding Secretary                                                       Registrar

                          Photos by Jane Thomas

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