Abbreviations for
Patriot Service Ranks

CS—Civil Service
PS—Patriot Service

Chapter Patriots

Listed are names, ranks, and state of service for ancestors of the Vesuvius Furnace Chapter, NSDAR, members. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of record copy.)


  • Abraham Wiles, PVT


  • Joshua Louis Gay, SOL


  • Jonah Dodge, Jr., PVT


  • James Alexander, PS
  • James Day, PVT
  • John Duckett, PS
  • Edward King, PS PVT
  • George Walker, PVT


  • Asa French, PVT
  • Hezekiah Fay, LT
  • William Gregory, Sr., PS
  • Jeremiah Howes, LT
  • Lothrop Litchfield, PVT
  • Joshua Pratt, PVT
  • Isaiah Tolman, CS PS
  • Samuel Whitmarsh, PVT

New Hampshire

  • Eleazer Cummings, CAPT

New York

  • Moses Thomas, LT

North Carolina

  • John McKnitt Alexander, PS
  • William Baine Alexander, SOL
  • John Black, PS LT
  • Richard Brandon, PS
  • Robert Campbell, Jr., PS PVT
  • William Curlee, PS
  • John Davidson, MAJ PS
  • Violet Wilson Davidson, PS
  • William Diehl, PS SOL
  • Simon Hager, PVT
  • John Hoyle, PS CS ENS
  • Lewis Jetton, CS PS SOL
  • John Miller, PVT
  • Francis McCorkle, CS PS CAPT
  • James Owenby, PVT
  • William C. Pyron, PVT
  • Charles Seale, PS
  • Robert Sheffield, PS
  • John Shuford, PS
  • Andrew Strain, PS
  • Bartholomew Thompson, PVT
  • Barbara Warlick, PS
  • Robert Young, PS


  • Peter Boyer, CAPT
  • Robert Craig, CAPT
  • William Garrett, PVT
  • Daniel McCAuley, SGT
  • Benjamin Truax, PVT

South Carolina

  • William Prestwood, CAPT
  • George Thomas Sloan, PVT
  • Charles Smith, PS PVT


  • Jarrett Bolling, PVT
  • John Carmack, Sr., PS
  • Vines Collier, PS
  • Frost and Snow, Jr., PVT
  • John Weaver, PVT

Patriot Graphic
Minuteman Patriot
Graphic Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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