Abbreviations for
patriot service ranks

BGEN — Brigadier General
CAPT — Captain
CAV — Cavalry
CL — Continental Line
COL — Colonel
CPL — Corporal
CS — Civil Service
ENS — Ensign
GEN — General
LT — Lieutenant
2LT — Second Lieutenant
LCOL — Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ — Major
MIL — Militia
NO — Non-commissioned Officer
OSGT — Ordinance Sergeant
PS — Patriotic Service
PVT — Private
QM — Quartermaster
SLR — Sailor
SGT — Sergeant
SOL — Soldier

Chapter Patriots

Listed below are names and ranks of service for ancestors of the Yadkin River Patriots Chapter members. After the patriot is the name of their spouse(s) (if known). These names are shown under the state for which they served. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of a record copy.

North Carolina

  • Jeremiah Adderton, PS
    m. Rebecca
  • Edward Almond, PVT
    m. Jennie Dutton
  • James Auld, MAJ
    m. Rosannah Piper
  • Bryant Austin, PS
    m. Miss Osborn
  • John Austin, PS
    m. Rebecca Gurley
  • John Barringer, CAPT, PS
    m. Christiana Catrina Killian
  • Philip Beck, CS
    m. Catherine
  • John Belk, PS
  • Benjamin Bell, PVT
    m. Elizabeth Ledbetter
  • Thomas Biles, PVT
    m. Tabitha Marbury
  • George Bost, PVT
    m. Hannah Gregory
  • Elias Bost, PVT
    m. Katherine
  • Martha Bowdoin, PS
    m. Isaac Odell
  • William Brooks, PVT
  • John Burcham, PS
    m. Roseanna Swearingen
  • David Burleson, PS
    m. Ursula Weatherford
  • Isaac Burleson, PVT
    m. Martha Clay
  • John Bushart, PS
    m1. unknown, m2. Ann
  • George Cagle, SOL
    m. Rebecca
  • Isaac Calloway, PS
  • Isaac Carpenter, PVT
  • Samuel Carter, PS
    m. Lettia
  • Thomas Cassel, PVT
    m. Elizabeth
  • Nicholas Chapman, PVT
    m. Sarah Scaly
  • William Chenault, PS
    m. Susannah Walker
  • George Clayton, PS
    m. Sarah Dodson
  • David Coble, PS
    m. Martha
  • William Coffield, CS
  • John Coggins, PS
    m. Alice Elizabeth Benson
  • Thomas Cotton, PS
    m. Ann Boleyn
  • John Crouse, CAPT
    m1. Anna Maria Volch
    m2. Dorothy Petree
  • James Crump, CAPT
    m. Isabella Monroe
  • John Cuthbertson, PVT
  • James Daniel, PS
    m. Rebecca Travers Adderton
  • Andrew Dennis, PS
    m. Martha
  • Charles Dry, PS
    m. Christina Muss
  • James Duke, SOL
  • John Edwards, PVT
    m. Sarah O’Neal
  • Conrad Eudy, PS
  • David Gottfried Eudy, PS
    m. Anna Dorothea Flegler
  • Abram Forrest, PS
  • Allen Freeman, PVT, PS
    m1. Tabitha, m2. Barbara
  • John Furr, PS
  • Paul Furr, PS
    m. Mary Stutts
  • Michael Garman, PS
    m. Sarah Pinion/Banion
  • Christopher Goodman, SGT
    m1. unknown
    m2. Catherina Barbara Reginer
    m3. Maria Margrethe
  • James Greenlee, SOL
    m1. Mary Mitchell
    m2. Ruth Howard
  • Jacob Gurley, PS
    m. Susan Wise
  • William Gurley, CAPT
    m. Millinder
  • James Harward, NO
    m. Rosannah Rosey Barbee
  • Absalom Harwood, PS
  • Etheldred Harris, CAPT
    m. Elizabeth Warren
  • Sherwood Harris, PS
    m1. Hannah Page
    m2. Elizabeth Jones
  • John Hatley, PS
    m. Martha
  • George Helms, PS
    m. Mary Fortenberry
  • Christopher Herlocker, PS
    m. Anna Maria
  • Nicholas Holt, PS
    m. Sarah
  • Mark House, CS
    m. Mary
  • Joseph Howell, CPL
    m1. Esther Sugg
    m2. Margaret Eleanor Garmon
  • Sherwood Kenneday, OSGT
    m1. Sarah Coggin
    m2. Ann Mayfield Hilton
    m3. Mary Nugent
  • Francis Kettner, PVT
    m. Elizabeth Miller
  • John Kirk, PVT
    m. Sarah Steele
  • Peter Kiser, PS
    m1. unknown, m2. Fanny Garmon
  • George Laws, Jr., PS
    m. Susanna Stagg
  • George Laws, Sr., PS
    m. Mary Mulkey
  • John Lemmond, 2LT
    m. Elizabeth Queary
  • Valentine Leonard, Sr., CS, PS
    m. Elizabeth Wallacher
  • Robert Linn/Lynn, PVT
    m. Margaret Leonard
  • Peter Little, PS
    m. Christena Agner
  • James Love, PS
    m1. Mary Elizabeth Ingram
    m2. Esther Belle Carricker
  • Christopher Lyerly, PVT
    m1-2. unknown, m3. Barbara
  • William Maness, PVT
  • John Melchor, Jr., PVT
    m. Elizabeth
  • John Mercer, SOL
    m. Rachel
  • Jacob Miller, PVT
    m. Marie Agnes Sower
  • Wendell Miller, LT
  • Abraham Misenheimer, SOL
  • George Misenheimer, Sr., SOL
    m. Sarah Krider
  • Hugh Montgomery, LT
    m. Katherine Sloan Moore
  • Nathan Morgan, PVT
  • James Morrison, CS, PS
    m. Jennett Morrison
  • Robert Morrison, SGT
    m. Sarah Morrison
  • John Oldham, PS
    m. Amy
  • Benjamin O’Neal, CS
    m. Elizabeth Ross
  • Howell Parker, PVT
    m. Elizabeth Loftin
  • Richard Parker, PS
    m1. Mary Harris, m2. Miss Lentz
  • Nicholas Parker, PS
    m. Mary
  • John Frederick Peck, PVT
    m1. Elizabeth Boshardt,
    m2. Mrs. Anna Margaret Boshardt Barnhardt
  • Edward Pegram, PS
    m. Patty Jean
  • John Pickler, PS
    m. Jean
  • Thomas Polk, PS
    m. Mary Shelby,
    m. Keziah Tarlton
  • Thomas Poindexter, CAPT/CS
    m. Elizabeth Pledge
  • William Poplin, PVT
    m. Lucy
  • Peter Randall, SOL
    m. Frances Barrett
  • John Frederick Randleman, PS
    m. Mary Wright
  • John Randleman, SGT
    m. Margaret Snap
  • John Riggs, PS
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North Carolina (continued)

  • Charles Robertson, MAJ
    m. Susannah
  • Hugh Rogers, PVT
    m. Nancy Thornton
  • Sterling Rose, CPL
    m. Nancy
  • Williamson Ross, PVT
    m. Elizabeth Odom
  • George Rummage, PVT
    m. Margaret Simpson
  • George Savitz, CS, PS
    m. Rosina
  • Jacob Secrest, PS
    m. Janet Barbara Sims
  • Philip Sells, PVT
    m. Dorothea Carecht
  • George Shankle, PVT
    m. Naomi P. Raiford
  • John Shaver, PS
    m. Anna Marie “Mary” Miller
  • Christian Sides, PS
  • George Ludwig Siefert, PS
    m1. Elizabeth Edeimann
    m2. Elizabeth Miller
  • William Simpson, PVT
    m. Martha Orr
  • Richard Snuggs, PS
  • Isaac Sowell, PVT
    m. Mary Quimby
  • George Sowers, PS
    m. Mary Appelone X Smith
  • John Sparks, PVT
    m. Sarah Shores
  • Uriah Springer, PS
    m. Margaret
  • John Swearingen, PS
    m. Elizabeth
  • Henry Stewart, PVT
    m. Lucy
  • Andrew Stowe, PVT
    m. Mary
  • Jacob Team, PS
    m. Susanna Rose
  • Benjamin Thomas, PVT
    m. Melinda Gurley
  • George Tucker, PS
    m. Maria Dorothea
  • John Tyson, PS
    m. Bethany
  • Samuel Underwood, PS
    m. Misniah
  • John Vanhoy, PS
    m. Jemima
  • Paul Walter, PVT
    m. Catharine
  • John West, PVT
    m. Margaret May
  • George Whitley, PS
  • Oliver Wiley, CAPT
    m. Mary Shelby
  • Douglas Winchester, PS
    m. Sarah Matthews,
    m. Elizabeth x
  • William Yates, Sr., PVT
    m. Mary

North Carolina and
South Carolina

  • Solomon Burris, PVT
    m. Judith Taylor
  • Nathan Mendenhall, PVT
    m. Rebecca Duckworth


  • Enoch Hale, CS
    m. Octavia Throope
  • Thomas Stanley, CPL
    m1. Anna Ford
    m2. Miranda Nott

Connecticut and
New York

  • Elisha Scofield, CPL
    m. Abigail Ingerson


  • Michael Starner, PVT
    m. Katharine Durst
  • Peter Trautman, CAPT
    m. Elizabeth
  • Martin Weimer, PS
    m. Catherine Barbara Trautman


  • Joel Burt, PVT
    m. Martha Lyman

New Jersey

  • Robert Campbell, PVT
    m. Mary Reynolds
  • George Ely, COL
    m. Susanna Farley
  • William Logan, CAPT
    m. Margaret Lewis
  • Joseph Osborn, PVT
    m. Rosina Dorch
  • John H. Post, PVT
  • John West, PVT

New York

  • Benjamin DePuy, PS
    m. Elizabeth Swartwout


  • John Bell, PVT
    m. Martha Gilchrist
  • Christopher Folck, CAPT
    m. Joanna Elizabeth Sowash
  • John Gilchrist, MAJ
  • Johann Leonhard Klotz, PVT
    m. Margratha Schall
  • Dewalt Lentz, PS
    m. Elizabeth Bechtel
    m. Mary x
  • John Geofrey Lipe, PVT
    m. Barbara House
  • Thomas Lowder, PVT
    m. Elizabeth Langley
  • William Lowder, PVT
    m. Elizabeth Eudy
  • Philip Mathias, SOL
    m. Anna Catherine Kinzel
  • Dewalt Mechling, ENS
    m. Sabilla Kohler
  • Jacob Mechling, CAPT
    m. Catherine
  • John Melchoir, Sr., PS
    m. Mary
  • Ludwick Otterman, PS
    m. Francenia
  • John Pomeroy, LCOL
    m1. Isabella Barr
    m2. Hannah Graham
  • Henry Sowash, PVT, PS
    m. Anna Esther Schneider

Rhode Island

  • Consider Bushee, CPL
    m. Patience Carter

South Carolina

  • William Henry Drayton, PS, SC
    m. Dorothy Golightly
  • John Sanders, LT
    m. Elizabeth Palmer
  • Robert Tindall, PS
    m. Mary


  • Drury Allen, PS
    m. Eleanor
  • Thomas Bell, PVT
    m. Mary Edwards
  • Joseph Cheeley, PVT
    m. Winifred Lenoir
  • Mitchel Clay, SOL, PS
    m. Phoebe Belcher
  • John Compton, PVT
  • Daniel Easley, PVT
    m. Betsy Stevens
  • Josiah Floyd, PVT
    m. Mary Tillman
  • John French, PVT
    m. Obedience Clay
  • Matthew French, PS, PVT
    m. Sarah Payne
  • Joseph Herndon, PS
  • John Ingraham, PS
    m. Patience Berry
  • William Gragg, PVT
    m1. Elizabeth Pulliam
    m2. Nancy Dunkle
    m3. Nancy Coffey
  • Griffin Lewis, LT
    m1. Sarah Cox
    m2. Lucy Luggitt
  • Thomas Massie, MAJ
    m. Sarah Cooke
  • Robert Nantz, PS
  • David Roper, PS
    m. Elizabeth
  • John Rorebaugh, PS
    m1. Barbara Reger
    m2. Elizabeth Harness
  • Joseph Scott, PVT
    m. Mary Talbot

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