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Junior Membership title

For information on Junior membership in the North Carolina Society, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), please send an email to the North Carolina Society DAR Junior Membership Chairman

Photo of Pages at the North Carolina State Conference, April 2017, with State Regent Elizabeth Graham. Our Junior Members make up the majority of our Pages.

Photo of Junior pages with President General Merry Ann T. Wright and NC Regent Sue Anderson at the NC State Conference, March 2012.

Junior Membership Committee

A Junior is a DAR member age 18 through 35 years of age (until her 36th birthday). She holds full membership in the National Society, state society and chapter. When qualified, she may serve as an officer and chairman at all levels. Junior Members join the DAR for a variety of reasons and have diverse interests. Working together for a common goal forges many friendships and makes a difference for DAR. North Carolina‘s Junior Members are college students, teachers, mothers, lawyers, authors, accountants, and professionals in their communities. Although these young women are busy, they still find time to contribute to the DAR. The North Carolina Society supports Junior membership by encouraging active participation within all levels of the organization. North Carolina Daughters are proud of our Juniors!

Group photo of NCDAR Juniors.

The National Junior Membership Committee was established in 1937. The goals of Junior membership are to gain new Junior Members; to build a well informed Junior membership; to encourage active participation in all phases of DAR service; and to support the National Junior Membership Committee‘s official fundraising project — the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.

Helen Pouch Memorial Fund

Authorized in 1938, the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund is named in memory of Helen Pouch (1901-1919). Helen was the daughter of Mrs. William H. Pouch, the first National Chairman of the Junior Membership Committee in 1937, and later President General, 1941-1944. The fund provides scholarship, medical aid, and general financial assistance to the highest priorities at our DAR schools, as well as other non-profit ventures that achieve our missions of promoting education, patriotism, and historic preservation. Meeting this commitment is a combined effort by Juniors nationwide through their fundraising projects.

Outstanding Junior Member Contest

The Outstanding Junior Member Contest — begun in 1963 — honors young women who have truly promoted the goals and purposes of the National Society, and have participated in community activities. This year, 14 chapters honored Juniors by nominating them as Outstanding Juniors.

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