Abbreviations for
patriot service ranks

CAPT — Captain
CNT — Cornet
CS — Civil Service
ENS — Ensign
LTCOL — Lieutenant Colonel
PS — Patriot Service
PVT — Private
SGT — Sergeant

Chapter Patriots

Following are names and ranks for ancestors of the William Hooper Chapter members. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service.

Continental Line

  • Benjamin Hart, CNT


  • Stephen Dudley, CS
  • Jesse Elwell, PVT
  • Samuel Hooker, PVT
  • Henry Lambert, PVT

New Jersey

  • Matthias Shipman, LTCOL

New York

  • Jacob Ford, LTCOL

North Carolina

  • William Darden, PS, ENS
  • William Durham, PS
  • Andrew Karriker, PS
  • James Ownbey, PVT
  • Thomas Price, CAPT
  • Seth Speight, CAPT
  • John Stansill, CS
  • Lewis Tysor, PVT


  • Henry Pensinger, PVT
  • John Rosenberger, PVT, PS

Rhode Island

  • Pardon Gray, LTCOL, PS

South Carolina

  • Jeremiah Williams, CAPT


  • Henry Bowen, SGT
  • Ambrose Lipscomb, PVT

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