Abbreviations for
Patriot Service Ranks

BGEN—Brigadier General
CS—Civil Service
PS—Patriotic Service

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Chapter Patriots

Listed by state of service are the names and ranks for the ancestors of the Private John Grady Chapter, NSDAR, members. This list includes patriots of the American Revolution and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. (Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage and cannot be used in place of record copy.)


  • Pelatiah Alford, PVT
  • Nathan Stedman, PVT


  • John Groover, SOL
  • Thomas Johnston, SOL


  • Timothy Reagan, PVT


  • Timothy Adams
  • Samuel Norton, SGT
  • Elijah Shatluck, PVT

New Jersey

  • Thomas Atchley, PVT

North Carolina

  • Solomon Arnold, PVT
  • John Bland, PS
  • Luke Bynum, CS, PS
  • Abner Eason, Jr, CS
  • Lemuel Hardy, PS
  • Henry William Harrington, BGEN, CS, PS
  • Esli Hunt, PVT
  • William Lenoir, CAPT, CS
  • Johannas/John Lang, PVT
  • Thomas Matthews, COL
  • Joseph McConaughty, PS
  • Samuel Oxford, PS
  • Thomas Poindexter, CAPT, CS
  • William Pope, SOL
  • William Ragland, PS
  • Nathaniel Rochester, COL, CS, PS
  • Shadrack Stallings, CAPT
  • Wilson Taylor, LT
  • Jacob Teachey, SOL
  • William Witherspoon, PS


  • Bernard Bisbing, PS
  • William Blair, PVT, PS
  • Frederick Emmert, PS
  • Elias Teeter, PVT
  • John Michael Wallick, LT

South Carolina

  • Henry William Harrington, BGEN, CS, PS
  • Nathaniel Howell, PVT, PS
  • David Jackson, SOL
  • Martin Salley, PS
  • John Smith, PS


  • Thomas Atchley, PVT
  • Henry Buford, CAPT, CS
  • Hugh Hayes, LT
  • William Hogg, Jr., PS
  • William Hogg, Sr., PS
  • Esli Hunt, PVT
  • Abraham Johnson, Sr., CS, PS
  • Jemima Suggett Johnson, PS
  • Robert Johnson, CAPT, PS
  • Thomas Lewis, PS
  • James Maddy, SOL
  • Josiah Maples, PS
  • Jacob Miller, Jr., SOL
  • Jacob Miller, Sr. PS
  • Elexious Musick, PS
  • Stephen Neal, CAPT
  • William Neal, PVT
  • Jeremiah Odell, PVT
  • William Pentacost, PVT
  • Seth Perkinson, PS
  • Andrew Shortridge, PVT
  • John Andrew Smith, PVT
  • Thomas Spencer, Jr., MAJ
  • James Suggett, PS


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