Flag photo with Veteran hat
Photo Courtesy Judy Knight 
One of our Vietnam Veterans views the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration flag flying at half-mast.

Vietnam Memorial Photo
Photo Courtesy Judy Knight
Chapter members attend the Vietnam Veterans Day program on Sanford’s City Hall lawn.

Photo Courtesy Jimmy Haire Photography

Service Projects

Sanford lost 17 native sons in Vietnam; we have many other veterans who returned and now reside in Sanford. We gratefully thank and honor all of them each year on March 29 by inviting them to come to the Veterans’ Memorial at Sanford City Hall for a special flag ceremony, “Welcome Home! Vietnam Veterans Day.”

Vietnam Memorial Photo
Photo Courtesy Judy Knight   
Chapter members visit the Vietnam Memorial
at Sanford’s City Hall.

The Private John Grady Chapter NSDAR sponsors this event each year and provides the flag specifically designed to represent the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War as designated in the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Ray Yamrus, spouse of one of our chapter members, was on one of the last three planes bringing our troops home from Vietnam.

Lee County Firefighters Honor Guard, Boy Scouts of America, and Junior ROTC units have assisted with the flag presentations and the mayor of Sanford always delivers a special proclamation. Each veteran receives a small token from the Private John Grady Chapter NSDAR.

Recognition Photo

Photo Courtesy Judy Knight   

Chapter members attend the “Welcome Home! Vietnam Veterans Day” program.

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